Security, Regulation and Mobility Drove a Decision That Led This RIA to The Cloud

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  • April 12, 2016
Hardy Reed Case Study

Find Out Why External IT’s Cloud Workplace Was The Perfect Solution For This RIA’s Aging Infrastructure.

Hardy Reed, LLC, a Mississippi-based RIA with offices in Tupelo and Oxford, was founded in 2006 when Scott Reed and John Hardy broke away from a well-known brokerage to found their own firm. Today, their 11-person team serves clients across the country.

The RIA offers investment consulting and advanced planning to individuals, as well as provides guidance to nonprofit organizations and retirement plan sponsors. Hardy Reed also was among the earliest businesses to receive certification from the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX).

Prior to adopting External IT’s platform, Hardy Reed relied on IT consultant with limited knowledge of the industry and kept its client data in-house on a local server. By 2013 issues with mobility, access permissions, customization and security led Hardy Reed to start looking at the cloud as an alternative to its old setup.

Their goals were:

    • Migrate from a local server, improve disaster recovery capabilities
    • Strengthen safeguards on client data
    • Improve client service while team members were away from the office.

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