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Are you doing all you can to protect your data properly?

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Cybercrime continues to be a very serious problem in the financial industry. The number and sophistication of malicious attacks has increased over the last few years and is not expected to slow down anytime soon. While the latest OCIE alert shows a marked increase in overall cybersecurity preparedness and awareness by advisors and broker-dealers, there are still areas where firms are failing. This white paper details our observations in the field and provides real-world guidance to the security issues advisors and broker-dealers are facing on a daily basis.

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Not all Clouds are Equal: Demystifying the ‘Public Vs. Private’ Debate

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Is the Cloud Secure Enough to Support a Wealth Management Firm’s Critical Company Information?

Different clouds do different things. As such, choosing the right approach to the cloud can have a significant impact, both short- and long-term on a wealth management firm’s business.

Ask a wealth management colleague to define “the cloud” and you are likely to get a vague response. Even among IT experts the term “the cloud” can have different meanings. And despite the fact that cloud computing has become the IT norm, questions remain about its security remain.  The truth is not all clouds are equal in infrastructure and in management.  This white paper is for wealth management professionals who seek to understand “the cloud” and how these technologies can support their overall business goals.

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SaaS and You: How to Safeguard your Client Data in the Cloud

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Are Your SaaS Applications Safe?

If your firm is like most modern wealth management firms, you use a variety of business and financial software packages, many of them “in the cloud.” Unfortunately, security controls vary significantly from one SaaS provider to the next.

Therefore, you need to make certain the providers you share your client data with have invested in state-of- the-art security measures. All it takes is one cyber breach with the vendor directly or a company the vendor contracts with to put your firm at risk. Read our white paper to learn what to look for when selecting SaaS vendors, as well as additional security measures you should implement to protect your firm.

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External IT Webinar Family Offices

Learn How Family Offices Can Leverage Technology Solutions to Improve Operations and Security

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Family Offices, Enhance Your Operations with New Technology

The role of technology in financial services only continues to increase in importance and Family Offices are positioned uniquely to benefit from these advancements. Family offices often have distinct and complex technology needs with areas such as security, compliance, integration, mobility, and business continuity top of mind. These complexities coupled with a limited staff and resources has many family offices searching for new solutions to address these challenges. Join speakers Steve Draper, Family Office Exchange and Justin Kapahi, External IT to discuss new technology solutions to improve operations without risking security and business continuity.   Read More

CWP Management Case Study

How Cloud Computing Saved Time, Money and A Lot of Hassle.

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Company: CWP Management, Inc.
Industry: Financial

CWP Management, Inc., is a busy family office based in Chicago, IL. It looks after the financial affairs of 10 households and 31 family members across 3 generations, but an ageing IT infrastructure was weighing down on its President’s time and budget. When disaster struck and their data center was compromised, CWP used the opportunity to migrate to External IT’s secure, hosted cloud desktop.

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Top 12 Features Family Offices Should Look for in a Cloud Computing Platform and Why They Matter

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Financial services firms like Family Offices operate in a demanding and highly regulated business environment. When seeking a cloud computing provider how do you find a vendor that can help you meet both the statutory obligations and the competitive challenges that you face?

Here’s how. Download this handy checklist that provides an explanation of:

  • Features to look for across key considerations, including security, compliance and integration
  • Why these features matter to your family office
  • What to look out for when evaluating cloud desktop providers

Save yourself time and help ensure you make sound cloud computing decisions. Download Here.


INTERVIEW: External IT On How, Why The Industry Is Opening Up To The Cloud

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To say that security is a big area of concern for wealth managers and family offices would be an understatement. Recent hype about “the cloud” shows that it is often the case that advisors would rather sacrifice convenience to keep their data safe. But as more and more fintech players crop up, the industry seems to be slowly warming to the idea, and, here, Sam Attias of External IT lays out some reasons why.

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